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Artur / 4th Engineer

Age: 48Readiness: 2019-04-10
Experience: 3rd Engineer (6months), 4th Engineer (2years 10months)
Vessels types: General Cargo, Chemical/Oil Tanker   English proficiency: very good

Margaretha / Stewardess

Age: 34Readiness: Immediately
Experience: Housekeeper (5years 10months)
Vessels types: Luxury Yachts, Cruise Liner   English proficiency: professional

Vyacheslav / Sanitation Officer

Age: 46Readiness: Immediately
Experience: Sanitation Officer (9years 3months)
Vessels types: Cruise Liner, Passanger Vessel    English proficiency: very good

Anamaria Pascu / Steward

Age: 34Readiness: Immediately
Experience: Stewardess (1Year 7months)
Vessels types: ROV/Construction Support Vessel, Diving Support Vessel   English proficiency: very good

Hubert / Motorman/Oiler

Age: 26Readiness: Immediately
Experience: Motorman/Oiler (2months), Engine Cadet (7months)
Vessels types: Container, Cruise Liner   English proficiency: very good

Paweł / OS (Ordinary Seaman)

Age: 29Readiness: 2019-04-01
Experience: Deck Cadet (6months)
Vessels types: Car Carrier, Chemical/Oil Tanker   English proficiency: very good

Piotr / ETO

Age: 28Readiness: Immediately
Experience: Electrician (12), Electrician Cadet (11months)
Vessels types: Offshore Sector, Ro Pax   English proficiency: very good

Andrzej / AB

Age: 54Readiness: Immediately
Experience: AB (8years 10months), Diver (8years 10months)
Vessels types: General Cargo, Bulk Carrier   English proficiency: comunicative

Dawid / Electrician

Age: 27Readiness: Immediately
Experience: Electrician (9months), Trainee Engineer (6months)
Vessels types: Any type of ship   English proficiency: comunicative


Age: 47Readiness: Immediately
Experience: Bosun (3years 6months), AB (1Year 6months)
Vessels types: Crude Oil/Product Tanker , Oil Tanker   English proficiency: professional
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